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Main Business Smart Records and Digitalization Management
Smart Records and Digitalization Management

CITIC FinTech provides customers with integrated services, such as: the storage of physical records, records sorting and digitization; records management system and data application, the planning and construction of digital archives, the integration, operation and maintenance of hardware and software systems; on-site records management; and disaster recovery of records. The types of records covered include but are not limited to bills, vouchers, deeds, documents, films, drawings, samples, videos, data and audio records.

The Smart Records and Digitalization Management, which provides integrated services covering the whole records management process, aims to improve the development and utilization of records resources, achieve durability, security, privacy and professionalism of records storage and management, help customers realize digital transformation and upgrading, work with customers to create new values from records management, and meet the records management needs of customers throughout the whole business chain.

Records Storage

Records storage refers to a series of comprehensive services provided by CITIC FinTech for its physical records, including storage space, safe environment, inventory management, access and utilization and compliant destruction, without changing the ownership and disposal rights of such physical records.

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