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Total Cash Management Solution

To reduce cash operation cost and improve cash turnover efficiency, CITIC FinTech provides “E-posit” Smart Cash Management Solution based on smart cash recycler and cash management system to retail outlets/charging institutions which have cash management needs, and integrated cash management services such as cash processing to banks and other financial institutions.

The Total Cash Management Solution aims to provide customers with a safe and reliable supply of cashes, reduce the cash management costs and risks, and improve the cash turnover efficiency within the entire cash management system through a standardized, intensive and large-scale cash management mode. With years of experience in cash management operations, advanced security facilities and professional armed escort teams, CITIC FinTech provides customized cash management solutions for customers. The existing partners of CITIC FinTech include the People's Bank of China, large commercial banks, joint-stock commercial banks, urban commercial banks, rural commercial banks and rural cooperative banks, rural credit cooperatives and village banks.

E-posit Smart Cash Management Solution

The “E-posit” Smart Cash Management Solution is a full-process integrated cash management solution covering hardware equipment, software system and professional operation and maintenance.

Hardware Equipment

The “E-posit” smart cash recycler consists of modules such as a clearing unit, a temporary money container, a money container, a safe and a computer host. The equipment has the functions of banknote counting, counterfeit identification, coin payment, crown number recording, dynamic password of the safe, voucher printing and QR code scanning and reading, payment recording, etc. It can handle the storage of ¥1-100 banknotes and changes with a “special” envelope to ensure that all money is deposited in full, thus being easy to use. The maximum storage capacity is up to 6,000 banknotes.

Software Systems

The “E-posit” smart cash recycler can be connected to the backend system through the network and upload all the status data of the equipment in real time. The system obtains real-time information on equipment status, payment amount and deposit records to enable cash management. It has reliable anti-theft and high security performance with the adoption of a variety of self-developed technologies such as IoT telecommunication technology, cash traceability and anti-counterfeiting technology, machine positioning and anti-theft alarming technology, online real-time heartbeat monitoring technology, dual identification of dynamics and mechanical lock, transaction breakpoint renewal technology, etc.

Professional Operation and Maintenance

CITIC FinTech provides the full-process operation and maintenance services for the “E-posit” smart cash management system, including cash withdrawing, accounting, equipment operation management, etc. We are committed to helping customers solve a series of problems such as the operating cash overhang, delayed cash collection, inadequate account supervision, complicated deposit procedures, theft risk and cash storage risk. We can help customers to finish the cash deposit procedures without leaving home, improve the compliance of the financial system for retail business, increase the utilization rate of capital positions, shorten financial management time, reduce the operating cost of outlets, and enable customers to spend their energy and resources on the main businesses / revenue-generating businesses.

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