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CITIC Group was established in 1979 by Mr. Rong Yiren with the support of late Chinese leader Deng Xiaoping. Since its inception, CITIC Group Corporation has given full play to the role of a pilot of national economic reform and an important window on China’s opening to the outside world and made explorations and innovation in many business fields with remarkable success. It has blazed a new trail of development for China’s Reform and Opening-up as well as the modernization drive by attracting and utilizing foreign capital, introducing advanced technologies, equipment, and management experience, thus building up good reputation and image both home and abroad with a remarkable performance.

Up to now, CITIC Group has developed into a large comprehensive multinational conglomerate with a balanced development of both financial and industrial businesses. Its financial business covers a full range of services including banking, securities, trust, insurance, fund management and asset management and its industrial business includes real estate, engineering contracting, energy and resources, infrastructure construction, machinery manufacturing and IT industry with clear overall strength and great momentum of development. CITIC Group has been included on the Fortune’s Global 500 for 12 consecutive years, ranking 126th in 2020.

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CITIC Investment Holdings Limited

CITIC Investment Holdings Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of CITIC Group, engages in the equity investment and investment management, has rich experience in investment, capital operation and business management, and boasts a highly professional team in investment and project management.

CITIC Investment Holdings Limited enjoys stable profits generated from its core assets in auto parts, environmental protection industry, new energy, aged care, medicine and biotechnology, the development and transformation of high and new technology, and the medium and small high-tech enterprises, via direct investment and sector funds.

CITIC Investment Holdings Limited aims to leverage on the capital market to realize investment liquidity and become a professional investment management company with diverse financing channels and modern investment vehicles.

CITIC Investment Holdings Limited is committed to innovation in its business mode, proactively introduces new ways of investment and financing, puts emphasis on the development and transformation of high and new technology, and seeks for sustainability of its investment as well as stable returns.

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CITIC Private Equity Funds Management Co., Ltd.

CITIC Private Equity Funds Management Co., Ltd. (“CITIC PE”) is a professional subsidiary engaged in investment business of CITIC Group and CITIC Securities. It was established in June 2008, following approval by the National Development and Reform Commission. The company leverages the full support of CITIC’s industrial network and CITIC financial services.

CITIC PE is a world-class PE fund management company based in China. It aims to discover and improve the value of enterprises invested to achieve a win-win situation for all parties through in-depth research and analysis, excellent delivery capacity, accurate investment decisions, highly-efficient operation and management, and professional value-added services.

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CITIC Outsourcing Service Co., Ltd.

CITIC Outsourcing Service Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “CITIC OS”)  is a comprehensive national group company whose primary businesses include financial outsourcing services and financial technologies. Its scope of business includes: full-process cash management services for banks and other financial institutions (including armored transport, cash processing, vault management, ATM operation); full-process information management services for financial institutions, government authorities, and large and medium-sized enterprises and public institutions (including records storage, digitalization, data storage, and disaster recovery); and cross-region security and logistics services for the communities (including high-value logistics, the storage and delivery of precious metals, and the supervision of case-related items).

As of the end of 2020, CITIC OS operated nearly 50 branches or subsidiaries in China through mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, or self-establishment, employed more than 30,000 staff, and operated more than 3,000 armor cash carriers. It has served more than 20,000 bank outlets, stored millions of records, and processed billions of data and information in the whole year. As a Director of the Specialized Committee on Armed Guard and Escort of the Chinese Security Association, CITIC OS holds a leading position in armed escort, cash management, and other professional market segments in China or even Asia in terms of operation scale, service scope, and business complexity.

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